2015 Final Results

Kiteboarding Freestyle


  1. Christian Tio           PHI
  2. Louis Hutter           FRA
  3. Stefano Ganugi      PHI


  1. Malin Amle              NOR
  2. Franziska Limmer   GER
  3. Julia Tausch            AUT

Kiteboarding Slalom


  1. Martti Ainola            EST
  2. Louis Hutter             FRA
  3. Ronel Mateo            PHI


  1. Malin Amle               NOR
  2. Polina Bubyr             UKR
  3. Julia Tausch             AUT

Kiteboarding Hangtime


  1. Ken Nacor                 PHI           7 seconds
  2. Kirill Litvinov              RUS         6.07 seconds
  3. Martti Ainola              EST          5.63 seconds


  1. Polina Bubyr              RUS          4.5 seconds
  2. Malin Amle                 NOR         4.03 seconds
  3. Franziska Limmer      GER         3.28 seconds

Kiteboarding Speed


  1. Jay Ortiz                       PHI      36.2 MPH
  2. . Martti Ainola                 EST     36    MPH
  3. Louis Hutter                  FRA    35    MPH


  1. Malin Amle                 NOR     28.2 MPH
  2. Ana Enciu                   ROM    28.1 MPH
  3. Viola Kaukonen          FIN       28    MPH

Windsurf Slalom Results


  1. gordon gelito        PHI
  2. typhoon jeon        KOR
  3. gido gelito             PHI

Grand Master

  1. typhoon jeon        KOR
  2. ramon balaguer    ESP
  3. heimo kassler       AUT


  1. oh jea hwan                     KOR
  2. jonas schoenenberger     SUI
  3. han-jun park                     KOR


  1. gordon gelito                 PHI
  2. gido gelito                     PHI
  3. jae woo park                 KOR


  1. gloria flores                   PHI
  2. leonae graf                    PHI
  3. zosia kubaszewska       POL

Youth Men

  1. girod gelito                    PHI
  2. jose marie consista       PHI

2015 Sailing Instructions

Here you can download the Sailing Instructions for the Funboard Cup 2015

2015 Notice of Race

NeilPryde Cabrinha

Boracay International Funboard Cup Y26


Cabrinha Boracay Big Air Challenge Y08

Boracay, Philippines

Monday 26 to Saturday 31 January 2015

The Event Organising Authority is the Boracay Cup Organizing Committee in conjunction with the Philippine Windsurfing Association and the Philippine Sailing Association.

1          Rules

1.1       The Regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing,

1.2       The following will apply

  • Windsurfing Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 -2016
  • The International Funboard Class Association Class Rules 2009
  • Kiteboarding Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016
  • IKA Twintip Racing Rules of 2013
  • This Notice of Race (unless amended by the Sailing Instructions)
  • The Sailing Instructions

2          Advertising

Advertising shall only be displayed in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20 – Advertising. The Event is designated as a “Category C” event.

3.         Eligibility and Entry

3.1       Boards that comply with the Funboard Class Association Rules may enter the following events:

  • Slalom
  • Speed Competition

3.2       All Slalom competitors will be classified as either:

  • Open –                        any male, mandatory for competitors with world rankings
  • Grand Masters –         40 year or more on 26 January 2015
  • Masters-                      31 years to 39 years on 26 January 2015
  • Men-                            30 years or less on 26 January 2015
  • Ladies-                        16 above on 26 January 2015
  • Youth-                          16 years or less on 26 January 2015

3.3       All Speed Competition competitors will be classified as either

  • Open
  • Ladies

3.4       Kiteboards may enter the following events.  Course boards are permitted

  • Slalom racing
  • Speed Competition
  • Old Skool / Freestyle
  • Hang Time (The Cabrinha Big Air Challenge)

3.5       For a class to be recognised by the event there must be a minimum of 6 entries in that class.

3.6       Competitors will enter by completing the Entry Form and paying the Entry Fee at Registration

3.7       Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Organising Committee with an additional late entry fee of PhP 500.

4          Fees

Entry Fees are as follows:

  • Windsurf Events                                 PhP 3,500 per person (for all events)
  • Kiteboard Events                                Php 2,500 (minimum payment) *
  • Kiteboard Events                                PhP 3,500 (for all 4 events)
  • Juniors below 12                                 PhP 1,500 (all events but no parties)

The Entry Fees include           lunch 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 January

2-3 Dinners

Daily Parties with drinks and cocktails

Event Rashguard*

Event Shirt

Race jersey with “number” for kiters

Equipments and accessories Prizes

Raffle of gift certificates from island sponsors

Raffle of kite and windsurf goodies*

*Race vests will only be given to full participants. Only full participants will be eligible for major raffle prizes

5          Schedule

Monday 26 January                 0900 – 1600    Registration at Greenyard Center / Practice Day

1300                Kiteboard Course Racing briefing

1400 – 1700    Kiteboard Course Racing

1700                No Start After

Tuesday 27 to Saturday 31                 All classes and events subject to wind conditions

0900    No start before

(Postponement of the start will be indicated by the display of the Flag AP (Red and white stripes) at Race Control

6          Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions will be available for downloading from the website and at Registration.

7          Venues

7.1       Funboard events will be run out of Greenyard Funboard Centre

7.2       Kiteboarding events elimination and finals will be run out of Greenyard Resort

7.3       Race Control will be in front of Greenyard Funboard Centre

8          Protest Committee

A Protest Committee chaired by the Race Director will be appointed.

9          Prizes

First, Second and Third Place Overall Prizes will be awarded to each Class (with minimum 6). Additional prizes can be awarded at the discretion of the race committee.

10        Disclaimer of Liability

The Organising Committee, the Race Committee, Race Sponsors and their respective representatives, officers, members and volunteers accept no liability whatsoever for any loss of life or property, personal injury and damage caused by, or arising out of the Race. The responsibility for a competitor’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is his / hers alone. (RRS Fundamental Rule 4)

Further Information

For further information please contact : Dian R. Tobes – Event Coordinator

Telephone:      +(63) 9193286148

Email: dianrtobes@hotmail.com

Or Nenette Graf – tel: +63 362883208, mobile; +63 9209516321

Email: boracayfunboardcup@yahoo.com Boracay Main Office

Website:          www.boracaywindsurfing.com

2015 Neil Pryde Cabrinha Boracay International Funboard Cup

The date for the 26th Funboard Cup will be January 26 to 31, 2015.

More information will be posted as it comes in.

2013 Kitesurfing Final Results

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